How many services does your platform have?

We have three services

  • Live Sessions- Student will get instant help, May be sometimes they need to be in queue
  • Drop a question –If students don’t want to take live session, they can simply drop question our expert will solve step-by step and drop answer within 6 hours
  • Schedule a session-Student can schedule session at their convenient time if they hate queuing and want to take live session

Where are your tutors located?

They are located worldwide especially from India and the UK.

Do you have international students?

Yes, we do have students from abroad, Students can join from anywhere in the world.

Do you know the international syllabus?

Yes, we do since our tutors are prepared to know the international Syllabus

Do you provide homework help?

Yes, we do but it does not mean that we are going to spoon-feed the student by doing the work for them.

How many doubts or questions can I ask in months?

However many questions you may have.

Does your tutor provide direct answers?

Not really, we assist the student in solving the question by directing them step by step.

When can I take a session?

You can take session anytime; we are available 24*7

Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to take sessions?

Yes you can take but we will prefer laptop or desktop to better understanding

How many services do you have on your platform?

Three services. A) Live Help B) Drop a question C) Schedule a session

Fastest service to use to solve doubts

Live Help, because you are going to have a one-to-one moment with the tutor, and he/ she can take their time to help you resolve your doubts instantly

Which service would you prefer for students to have better understanding?

one-to-one live help.

What is the experience of your tutors?

All Our tutors have around 2+ years of teaching experience, along with QTS and PGCE.

Do you have a mobile application?

We are still working on it.

What subjects do you support?

Maths and Science also including Economics and Accounting.

How can AskHow help me to increase my grade?

We have a team of passionate teachers who are willing to transfer their knowledge to the students who want to excel and improve their grades. We help student to understand deeply step-by step in friendly way, most important student can take session may time they want, and student can also see recording as many times they want, we help student as mentor

Which device will you prefer to take sessions

- Laptop or desktop to have clear understanding, we have developed our software considering big screen like laptop or desktop, to avoid confusion we recommend using computer

How do I get a tutor?

Our tutors are available every time, you just need to click on live help.

Am I allowed to take a break during the session?

You are allowed to take a few minutes break just for you to stretch your legs or have a glass of water. No long break is allowed during live session, If you want to take long break make sure you request tutor to end session so tutor can help other student, You can rejoin after you break we will help you instantly

How long does it take to give an answer for a drop question?

It may take from instant to six hours.

How many students can take sessions at one go?

Multiple students can log on at the same time. We can do 1000 student at same time

Do you provide group sessions?

We encourage that but sometimes that tutor may be held up in a class with another student then you can take a session with another tutor. But if you want to take lessons from the same tutor then you can book and when they become available you will get a notification.

What if my tutor can’t help me?

Our tutors are qualified to be able to assist a student assigned to them, but if it happens to be that they cannot help then we are going to provide another tutor who will be able to assist.

Can I change tutors in the middle of the session?

If you have a good enough reason then you can change the tutor.

Can I schedule a session with a specific tutor?

Yes can and you will get a notification letting you know that your tutor is available